May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM)
Updated for May 2015

The Council for Disability Awareness has developed the tools and resources on this page to help advisors, employers, consumers, the media, and anyone else interested in disability, understand the need for every working American to protect his or her income.

Disability Insurance Awareness Month was created by and is organized by the nonprofit Life Happens. CDA is proud to support Life Happens, our member companies, and others in the industry in educating and inspiring the public to learn about their risk of disability and the importance of income protection planning.

Campaign Resources
The resources in this section are provided to help you promote DIAM with your associates, friends, clients and prospects. Feel free to use them to support your activities, and/or customize as needed.

Please contact CDA to request help with your company's DIAM activities:

Sean Hanson
Director of Operations
Laura Petrolino
Arment Dietrich
Disability Disconnect Infographic
Updated for 2015, the Disability Disconnect infographic focuses on consumers. It illustrates the awareness gaps of the risk of illness, injury, surgery, or accident on a working American's income.

Use the individual infographic images to engage with audiences in your presentations, promotions, communications, and on social media.

Download full infographic for electronic use
Download full infographic for print use
Download individual chart images to use in social media and blogging efforts
Social Media Resources
Use your social networks to raise awareness about the risk that illness, injury, surgery, or accident can place on one's income. To help consumers understand the need for income protection, download our charts and images, and access pre-written social media updates.

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Image Posts
The image posts are available for advisors to download and post via social media. Each image provided by CDA comes with suggested copy and, where appropriate, a suggested URL.

Download All Images and the CDA Content Guide
Zip file containing all images and Excel file with suggested copy to accompany images, plus other suggested social media content.

Download Images Only
Zip file containing all images for your use in social media efforts.

Download CDA Content Guide Only
Excel file with suggested social media content.
Use charts from the U.S. Social Security Administration that show the reality of an income-interrupting disability.

The SSDI charts are on Facebook.

You can click on an image and click "share" to add to your own Facebook wall. You also can download them here to share on the other social networks.

At 37, Monica experienced an unexpected disability and the financial fallout was devastating. Copy and paste the link above to your Facebook wall, and the video will be embedded for all of your fans or friends to see.
Real Life Stories
Share these CDA real life stories with others to help explain the reality of disability and the need for income protection.

For more real stories about the impact of disability, click here
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Visit for more tools and resources to help share the importance of disability income protection.
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Please contact CDA to request help with your DIAM activities:

Sean Hanson
Director of Operations
Laura Petrolino
Arment Dietrich
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