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CDA 2010 Consumer Disability Awareness Survey
The Disability Divide

The gap between what employees believe - and how they act - about the potential for an income - threatening disability

Preparation for Disability

90% of respondents rated their ability to earn an income as "valuable" or "very valuable."

Clearly, workers highly value their ability to earn an income. In fact, almost all respondents rated this ability as more valuable than other financial resources which help them achieve financial security, including retirement savings, personal possessions, homes and medical insurance.

While nearly all employees say their ability to earn an income is important, fewer than 40% have thought about protecting it.

When asked about how they've prepared for a potential disability, survey respondents generally admitted that they've not taken much action to prepare.
  • The most common answer, given by 37% of the respondents, was "I've never really thought about it."
  • Only 22% said they don't think about it because they have disability insurance.
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